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As you know, the Chamber was founded with the goals of advancing the interests of the Puerto Rican community of South Florida, and promoting increased trade and commerce between the markets of South Florida and Puerto Rico. We pursue these objectives through networking meetings, Business Card Exchange events, Business Forums, and a full-time office. We are pleased that our Chamber’s friends and membership reflect the various groups which constitute our ethnically diverse and culturally rich community.


The Chamber works closely with Miami-Dade County’s various economic, business and community development departments. For many years, we have been providing business technical assistance to the small business community and creating jobs on behalf of the County.


As a fully paid member of the Chamber, your name and business information will be added to our current Membership Directory. We offer added opportunities to advertise your goods and services at our website, and to link your personal or corporate site to our Chamber website. For additional information, please email us at or call our office at (305) 576-0010.

Below please download the application to become a member of the Chamber 
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After completing the registration you could make your payment online in our online payment center


We need your support – both from a financial standpoint as well as your active membership. Your membership is a statement of your commitment – with your dues, we can meet and even exceed our goals.


Thanking you in advance.

-Luis DeRosa, President



Strengthening shared ties and commerce by working with local leaders in South Florida and on our island of Puerto Rico.


We build & utilize our real connections and relationships within our markets to assist local businesses and community.


Our members and partners work together with us to represent the growing Puerto Rican business community in S. Florida.